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Hey guys I'm looking to get the Cooler Master V6 GT for my new build since it looks to be a great performing cooler. However, I have a couple questions concerning motherboard compatibility and the mounting system...

First, does this cooler fit the Asus P8Z68-V Pro without blocking RAM slots?

Second, I've read in some user reviews and seen on youtube that once mounted the cooler isn't completely secure and can actually wiggle if touched. I'm just looking for owners of this cooler to confirm if this is true and if it can be a problem. If so, is there a work around to this problem?

Also, if there are any other good performing coolers in this price range (no more than $70) feel free to recommend one. Thanks for your time!
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    Hey anherox,

    I just did all of this research myself so I can sympathize with your need for information.

    I just completed Gigabyte Z68-UD3/2500k build with this cooler and I can verify that the V6 GT does have a "bit" of play to it once it is seated. That being said - it still sits completely flat against the processor plate and won't move on its own. The movement is more of a twisting motion and you have to twist it rather hard to get it to move - I think this is caused by the mirror-like machined mounting surface which is extremely smooth. Just make sure the mounting hardware is snug and you'll be fine.

    Just for reference my temps with this cooler are great. 4.5Ghz OC around 38idle - 58load (Prime95 for 24 hours)

    For the ram clearance question take a look at this:

    I've added a small stroke around the cooler to separate it from the board. All components are to spec size. As you can see the cooler DOES cover the first slot. However, the first ram slot being blocked will depend on what kind of ram you have. If you have something like Corsair Vengeance or something with an excessively tall heatsink you will not be able to use the first ram slot. If you have something like GSkill ripjaws or something along those lines you will have clearance enough to use all 4 slots.


    You can see the Vengeance is much taller than the RipJaws.

    You can see the clearance of the RipJaws in this video here:

    If clearance is an issue you can either remove the heatsink on the DIMM (raises hand) or you can buy low profile models like these:

    Good luck on all your research. I hope this helps answer your questions.

    Also, not to rub it in or anything but you just missed a REALLY good black Friday deal on newegg for the V6 GT. Got mine for 24.99 after a $20 MIR. Happy hunting.
  2. I just contacted CoolerMaster regarding the wiggle. You can get an alternative mounting bracket that completely eliminates the wiggle.

    Simply contact Cooler Master in their Live Chat feature and fill out a parts requests - they'll approve it right then and send you the alternative bracket system.
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  4. Thanks a lot for the information it was very helpful! Do you have to pay for the bracket or do they send it for free? Also, do you have to own the cooler already for them to send it to you?
  5. Apparently the bracket is free but you have to own the cooler first. They ask for the serial # which is on the box. I just put mine in today so I can update this post when I receive it to give you some idea of how long their process takes.

    If you do go with the CM V6-GT just mount it with the brackets it comes with and put in your Part Request. As long as you're not carrying your system around - which I imagine anything with a V6-GT in it is desk bound - you'll be fine.
  6. Awesome. I'll most likely be getting this cooler. One more you know if the 200mm side fan will fit with this cooler in the NZXT Phantom?
  7. anherox said:
    Awesome. I'll most likely be getting this cooler. One more you know if the 200mm side fan will fit with this cooler in the NZXT Phantom?

    Nope a V6GT will not fit in a Phantom with a 200mm sidefan installed.
    Not a chance, it's 165mm tall.
  8. I don't know for sure. I own the HAF X case which is 9.10" wide and the V6GT fits fine - 200mm side fan on the HAF sits out of the way though. The Phantom is a little thinner at 8.74" wide but you'll have to minus about 30mm for the side fan depth. I would google around a bit and see if anyone has done a build like yours.
  9. No need to google around a bit.
    The V6GT will not fit with side fan in that case.
    Not like this question has never been asked here before.
  10. Could you recommend a good high end cooler that would fit with the side fan installed?
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