Tried to instoll winxp pro after instolling windows 7 but hard disk not reconizing
win 7 works ok
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    There may be an issue over the hard disk. Check in your BIOS for an AHCI setting and change it to IDE.

  2. If you want to dual-boot both OSes, rather than overwrite the installation of Win7, there are issues with boot when you install the older OS second.

    Are you trying to replace or dual-boot? If dual-boot, are you putting each on a separate drive or both in separate partitions on the same drive? Laptop or desktop? With details, we can be more specific.

    A little more detail on "hard disk not recognizing" would be helpful. Is this when you try to do the install, or after, when you try to boot XP?
  3. their is no dual boot
    if i install windows 7 it works ok
    but when instolling winxp after deleting partion with winxp cd try to create new partion where xp shows error no hard disk drives found
  4. Ah-hah! 1) What version of XP? 2) What mode (AHCI, RAID, IDE) are your motherboard controllers set to in BIOS?

    My guess is that your XP installation disc does not have the drivers needed for your motherboard / drives, probably because the controller is set to AHCI mode and it's an original XP disc.

    In that case, you would need an XP Service Pack 2 installation disc or to add the proper drivers during the Windows installation process. You can build your own SP2 disc by looking up "slipstreaming."

    Please let me know if this is, indeed, your issue.
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