AMD Phenom II x4 955 running HOT

Hey guys just built my brand new setup. CPU temp is like 50 at idle and 62+ load. Now i know amd says 62 is highest safe temp. I have reseated the HSF.

What are the stock volts for this CPU plz
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  1. well what cooler are you using?

    Whats the ambient temp?

    What case are you using?

    What thermal paste are you using?

    You have to give more infomation

    Core temp should be able to tell you your CPU's ViD
  2. actually, i have a AMD 955 and it CoreTemp says that it has an unsupported processor

    it just may be a too new processor
  3. Had the same issue, when I pulled the heatsink I found contaminates imbeded in the copper of the heat sink that came with the chip in the box , little gray metalic chunks when you look at them with a magnifying glass. Bad thermal pad Im thinking, managed to remove them from the copper and get the ridges it caused smoothed out and reinstalled with some fresh goo , idles at 41c now
  4. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The stock voltage for your CPU is 1.34V. And like omgitzfatal says:

    1- What case do you have?
    2- What mobo do you have?
  5. Sounds like you did a poor job mounting the heatsink, or you've got very bad case airflow/high ambient temperature. I overclocked my Phenom II X4 940 to 3.5Ghz using 1.375V and I don't exceed 60C during a prime95 torture test. My ambient temp is usually 70-75F.
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