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I have an eMachine T6524, AMD 64 Processor 3400+ 2.39 GHz, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Service Pack 3, 1.87 GB of RAM. I want to upgrade the motherboard since the PCI slot that the video card was in stop working. I tried a new video card but to no avail. Since eMachine & some of these PC outlets won't do any recommendations, can any of you expert's out there help me in deciding what MB to replace it even if it means replacing the cpu as well. I also do online gaming. Can anyone help me with any advise and or recommendations? Thank you.
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  1. You mean pci-e slot? If it's bad, then you can upgrade to any micro atx motherboard if you are willing to buy new memory and cpu. It might be easier to sell the system as is, and keep your video card for your next build if it's pci-e. The reason is that your windows installation may be tied to the motherboard bios. Acer uses a bios code that matches the board to it's windows installation, so a non acer board may require a new windows cd. And emachines power supplies aren't known for their longevity, and are usually only 250 watts, just good enough for onboard video. I recommend you save and either build your own or start over with a new pc. I like hp systems, but again, you're limited for upgrading, so get the best cpu and memory you can afford upfront, with no intention of upgrading later. This is not a good time to buy a new pc; Dec-Jan is much better for closeout deals.
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