2500k Overclocking Questions

Hello fellow nerds,

I recently acquired an i5 2500k and decided to give overclocking a shot.

my setup is as follows:

CPU: 2500k
PSU: OCZ ZS series 650W
Cooler: xigmatek dark knight
paste: arctic 5
case: lanboy

I set it for x42 multi @ vcore: 1.3v
Ran prime95 for like 30 minutes and watched the voltages/temps.
I am getting like ~51 degrees without the case fans all turned up which I guess is pretty normal.

So my questions are regarding the voltages (all under prime95 load conditions).
1. CPU-Z says the Core voltage is 1.200 V which I find a little odd.
2. Piriform's Speccy says that the +12V voltage is only outputting ~8.8 V and the +5 V HIGH THRESHOLD @ 2.822 V

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance
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  1. 1. What do you find odd about the CPU voltage?

    2. Software is obviously reading the voltages incorrectly. If your 12 volt rail was down to 9 volts, your system would not boot.
  2. So for the cpu voltage I guess I was wondering if someone could help me understand why it drops from the 1.3V that I set, or more-so the ~1.24 V that my rig runs at while at idle down to the 1.200 V under prime95 load.

    As for the software, all that I can come up with is that the voltage that it displays is the voltage being used by the computer because at idle the number goes sub 1 V which makes sense because the computer uses more power under load (P=I*V)

    I have a new question regarding my set-up and the multiplier.
    I seem to be only able to get the multiplier up to x43. When ever I try to do x44 to x48 (while varying the voltages from 1.2V to 1.4V) the OS does not load. Any thoughts?
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