I post photo, is this pci card and motherboard compatible?

if not, what kind of card do i need? its listed on motherboard as PCI Slot but obviously it does not look the same. thx.
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  1. Pci slots are mostly white or off white in color. The pci-e slot is longer and may have a locking notch on the end, depending on the motherboard. Your board should have at least one pci slot, and the card shown won't fit in "b" since it's pci-express. List your motherboard brand and model number, or look up the specs in the manual or at newegg.com. It's easy to figure out which slot will work. Your tv pci card will fit easily without having to force it in.
  2. Ignore my first response. Try the shorter blue slot in your first picture; if it fits, then that's the one. I was probably wrong. It should work, as your board lists 2 pci slots. With most boards, the pci slot is white, not blue.
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