Help! What MOB and graphics card?

I have decided on intels i5 750 CPU.

I'm not too concerned about using two graphics cards or overclocking.
I will be using my computer for internet, word processing, photoshop CS4 for photo editing, and the odd game for my kids. I would like to get high definition monitor such as dell U2410.
I don't want to buy a MOB that has a lot of "stuff" I dont need. but USB3.0 and SATA6 might be useful for the future.

Can you suggest an Asus or Gigabyte MOB and graphics card.
I was thinking of
Asus P7P55D-E
Asus P7p55D-E Pro
Asus P7P55D Pro
Asus P7p55D
Gigabyte P55A- UD4
Radeon HD4670

Any suggestions or recommendations? I am on a budget and don't want to send more than I have to but don't want low end MOB and video card either.

I posted before but didnt get a lot of responses.
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  1. You are capable of picking a good board if you know exactly the features you need for everyday use. I read reviews even if I purchase somewhere else, such as Fry's electronics or microcenter in the usa. has an asus board with 750 i5 for $349. And frys has the 9650 quad core with biostar p45 board for $249 after rebate; it's old tech but plenty fast.
  2. Most motherboards (other than the most expensive ones) have plenty of negative reviews. I dont know what to beleive. There is no MOB that stands out amongst the rest in terms of reviews.
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