Asus p5q pro turbo and q6600

im trying to achieve 3.6 -3.8ghz with my asus p5q pro turbo motherboard and q6600 and i cant get past 3.44ghz

more specs
4GB of geil black dragon ddr2 800mhz ram
680watt psu
2x 5770's
2x 500GB harddrives in raid 0
XIGMATEK HDT cpu cooler

if anyone have this board and a processor simular to the q6600
cpu load of about 51c under prime 95 load

current cpu volts 1.38 (but probley could lower it)

Northbridge temp 19c always maybe 21c on a hot day
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  1. You have to understand that while some people will get a higher overclock using the same CPU as you - it doesnt mean EVERY Q6600 will overclock to the same frequency.

    Also the same is true of mobo's and their respective chipsets - overlocking is trial and error and lots of patience, there is no gurantee that every chip or component will behave the same.
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