Radeon 4890 core speed problem

Hi all.I built my new system and I have a radeon hd 4890 battleforge eddition.the core clock speed of this card is 950 MHz but CPUz shows 500 MHz.Im getting crazy.is there something wrong with the system?my O.S is Vista ultimate 64 bit.other specs :
CPU AMD phenom ii x4 955
RAM 4 GB Gskill DDR3
Please help me solve this problem.I really appreciate your help
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  1. Its showing 500mhz because it underclocks itself in 2d mode to save power. It's fine.
  2. it dose it on all of the 4000 series and the 5000 series cards to save you some green when you are not gaming. Run F@H the GPU client and I'm sure GPUz/ CPUz will show 950MHz.
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