I got a problem with overclocking phenom be 560


my cpu is phenom x2 560 3.3ghz.

Motherboard is 785GM-P45,

stock voltage is 1.33v.

I've been using my pc as b60 3.3ghz with core unlock only, and never had a problem..

I could boot my pc with b60 3.8 nb 2400.

but I got a blue screen, and tried to raise my voltages up, but had no luck.

so i tried b60 3.6 nb 2400; however, it started to give me a bluescreen if i change a voltage setting from a stock voltage.

so i tried to reset it to my previous setting which is b60 3.3 / 2000, but it doesn't work anymore...it gets me a blue screen...

Now i underclocked it as b60 2.6ghz..

did i get a problem on both, cpu and a motherboard?

if i change my motherboard to new one, will it be okay with the setting b60 3.3ghz?

if it will, please recommend me a motherboard with a fair price!

thank you!
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  1. Just turn it back into a 560 i.e. lock the cores back up they look to be faulty....Its not the MOBO
  2. nah. i got a new cpu, and i still cant touch voltages. it was mobo or both.
  3. Why can't you touch voltages?
  4. lowjack989 said:
    Why can't you touch voltages?

    then it shows me a blue screen or reboots itself.

    just got a new mobo. after i try with this, i can make sure that what the problem is.

    edit: new 960t with stock voltage and clock just on an old mobo failed to test with prime 95. it lasted about 3-5 mins only :(
  5. Which MOBO bo you have...with that 960T?
  6. lowjack989 said:
    Which MOBO bo you have...with that 960T?

    the mobo i had was 785gm-p45 which has a problem.

    i got AsRock 970 Extreme 4 to replace.
  7. That board should have no problem OCing with that chip
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