Need help choosing parts for WC build

I'm new to water cooling, and I'm not really sure what to buy. I'm planning on cooling two 570s and my i5 760. My case is an IN WIN Maelstrom, and I don't think it will be able to hold everything.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. GTX 270 has TDP of about 219watts @ stock speeds (x2 for your setup)
    i5 760 95 watts @ stock speeds

    You are looking at around 533 watts for this loop. Depending on your budget and how and where you want to mount radiators (and which rads you choose) you will be pushing it close with a single 3x120 rad if you keep everything at stock speeds. It would work, but you wouldn't really have much room for overclocking unless you added another 120 or 140 rad.

    What is your budget? Have you read the watercooling sticky (linked in my sig below)
  2. Yeah I was thinking that I would need more than one radiator. Right now I'm hoping to keep it under $600, and I've read the sticky.
  3. Just to put things in perspective, full cover video card blocks are going to run you $100+ each, unless you go universals, then you still need to consider cooling the remainder of the card components.

    It's possible to do, but you will have to figure out the best approach for your build...we'll figure out how to get you going. Anything to address initially?
  4. Just that I'm not 100% sure that everything will be able to fit inside the case, and I'm willing to go over $600 if it's necessary.

    Thanks for the help so far:)
  5. Right now I'm thinking of using a Swiftech MCP655 pump, and two XSPC RX360, which I hope to place outside of the case as I don't think they will fit. Not sure about everything else though. Seems with this I will go over $600.

    Edit- I'm thinking of buying this
    Then adding another radiator. Just wondering if the included pump will be enough
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