Need help choosing a few parts on a Phenom II 955 build

This is my first build, and I want something that will last a few years, and then will be upgradeable if I need more performance later on. I´ve been doing some reading but there´s so much information out there I decided I should ask for help on this build.

I´m from Mexico, so shipping CAN be a problem sometimes, I do have an uncle in Texas who´s been helping me with a few of the parts that internet stores won´t ship to Mexico.

Now, as recomended on the *How to ask for new build advise* thread, here´s the format, I´ll try to stick to it as much as possible.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Ongoing, want to finish ASAP.
BUDGET RANGE: As cheap as possible without sacrificing quality.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, watching movies, video editing, surfing the internet.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I already have the CPU (AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition HDZ955FBGIBOX), the Motherboard (Asus M4A79T Deluxe), 4Gb of Kingston HyperX DDR3 (4GB Kit 1600MHZ DDR3 Dimm), the GPU (ATI Radeon HD 4870 1Gb) and the monitor (ASUS VW246H)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: None really, I would mostly like to get input from you guys and then check with local dealers, however, good deals online are welcome.


Well, I´ve heard good things about Western Digital HDs, and I´ll probably be looking for 500-640Gb storage, I am however curious about the difference between their blue, green and black lines (green and black look nicest to me).

CD/DVD I trust Samsung the most, but some input in here would be great too. I probably will only get one CD/DVD player/burner for now, and once blu-ray gets cheaper get one of those.

Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard, for now probably just something cheap since I want my budget to go towards the more important components, I might just keep the speakers on hold for a while and stick to my headset and get a cheap mouse and keyboard and then in a few months get nicer parts. However, and as mentioned before, any imput will be apreciated.

PSU. Now here´s something I hardly know anything about. I´ve done a bit of reading, but there´s a lot I don´t understand, so a bit of help on what I would need and what would be a good choice here would be grand.

Regarding the Case, I´m also quite ignorant, when I decided I wanted to start this build I never thought this would be an important choice, but the more I read, the more I understand good airflow and design are key for a good case. However, I still don´t know entirely how to know a good Case from a bad Case. I won´t really be looking for anything too fancy with lots of bling bling. My personal taste goes more towards the more simple, elegant and sleek look. For example among the Asus Vento, I like the 7700 and hate the 3600. Here I´d love to hear recomendations on manufactureres, and maybe a few models so I could check them out and make up my mind.

CPU Heatsink... Do I need one? I hear the ones that come with the Phenom II are fairly decent.


OVERCLOCKING: Maybe, but mostly out of the interest that has risen from doing research for this build. I´ve never done it before, but it looks fascinating.
CROSSFIRE: Maybe later

MONITOR RESOLUTION: I think the Asus is 1920x1080

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I´d love it to be as quiet as possible. Can´t think of any other comments for now.

Looking forward to your opinions!

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    The one that comes with the PII is fairly beasty so you wont need an aftermarket one unless you want to OC significantly.

    I suggest one of the Cooler master HAF cases, or one of the Antec 300/900/902/1200 cases depending on how much you are willing to spend.

    As for the power supply, you have a very nice crossfire capable board there so get a 750 watt PSU to support 2 high end cards in crossfire, try to get a 750 watt PSU from corsair, antec, PC power & cooling, or seasonic.

    Look into the Samsung F3 500GB HDD they use the new 500GB platters so they are really quick and not super expensive.

    Mice and keyboards are personal preference, so go into a store and test a few out, i personally cannot use the ergonomic ones, but there are many people i know who swear by them so just pick one you like.
  2. Thanks for the response. I´ll look into the Samsung HDD.

    Regarding the case, what´s the difference between a mid tower and a full tower? is it just size? Would I be looking for a Full Tower?

    Also, would it be worth it to look for a 850W PSU? or would a 750W fulfill my needs?
  3. Just size, full towers tend to be huge, the 900/902 is barely smaller than a full tower but most things that are listed as full towers are massive. A mid tower is perfectly fine for most things.

    A 750 watt PSU from any of those manufactures will do extremely well, no need to bump up to 850 with ATI cards, you would need 850 for 2 GTX285's or GTX295s but 4890s will run fine on a 750
  4. will the Antec - EarthWatts 650-Watt be enough to satisfy my needs?
    I´m probably gonna go with the Antec 900 or 902, and either the Samsung F3 500gb HDD or the WD Caviar Green 500gb.
  5. Get the EA750 combo'ed with the 900 or 902, it actually comes out to significantly less than if you were to get the PSU and case at best buy while providing enough power for you to crossfire 2 4870's down the line.
  6. I´ve been trying to work things out with Newegg but it´s not working very well, so I might have to do my shopping from Amazon.
    After debating with myself for a while, I decided if I want this to be a longish term build I should get a longish term case, so I´m going with the Antec 1200. I might want to get a 750w PSU from Corsair, but I was curious as to exactly what the difference is between the tx and the hx (I´m guessing since HX=$$$ then HX=Better, but I´d like to know why). Also, noob question, will I be able to fit the Corsair psu on the Antec case?
    As for hard drive, I´ll definitely be getting a 500gb HDD, and I´m debating between the Seagate Barracuda, the WD Caviar Green and the Samsung Spinpoint F3, any advice?
  7. The HX is modular which requires slightly different designing, that is the main reason for the difference in pricing. The Corsair PSU will fit fine in the antec 1200, it will actually fit any power supply even the few based around CPX. The samsung F3 will be significantly faster than the WD Caviar green(green means low power therefore a slower drive) and Seagate had some issues the last couple years so many people still avoid them. The samsung drive is quite good and less expensive than many other 500GB drives suprisingly.
  8. Ah, so it´s HX=Modular and TX=Non-modular? Is modular really worth it? I mean, I can imagine having less cables laying around makes for an easier and more efficient build, right?
    Well, I´m probably going to buy a faster drive about a year from now (actually, I´m planning to keep this build as up-to-date as possible by adding or switching parts every year, selling the old ones, and keeping the upgrade costs low). So I´ll be looking at either a velociraptor, or an SSD drive, which by then I´m hoping will have drop in price a bit, the Vertex looks very nice :D
    With this in mind, would it be a good idea to get the Caviar green, which will eventually become storage only once I move my OS to a faster drive?
    And by the way, thanks for all the help so far!
  9. The raptors are older tech, they are no longer state of the art, if you put a couple F3s in RAID 0 it should out perform a raptor. And never buy a raptor when you can get an SSD for the same price that will outperform it, the raptors are vastly overpriced for what they do today.

    I would never use the green for anything, it will be 2 250GB platters which will actually be louder than a single platter F3 while costing more, if you can get more performance for less money why wouldnt you?
  10. So the single platter 500gb is still the best choice?
    I only found one 7200RPM 500gb drive from Samsung in Amazon (
    Is that one the single platter F3? If not, I fear it may not be available in Amazon and I might have to look into other possibilities :(
  11. This is the F3 drive
    Its $11 more than it is at newegg

    All of the F3 drives use 500GB platters, the F1's used 320GB platters, so any 500GB F3 (product number HD502HJ had to use that to find it on amazon) is a single platter drive.
  12. Well, I can live with $11 difference. Too bad it´s not in stock, but let´s hope they get restocked soon!

    Placing order for the Case, PSU and HDD now :D

    Thanks! I´ll be sure to take some photos of the build and post them up once I get all the parts (and maybe bug you guys with some more questions, hehe!).
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