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I have a HTPC with an ATI 4350 GFX card (Has an HDMI slot natively), I have been running the HTPC through a 32" TV in my living room, and up until now via a VGA cable.

However, I'm now getting a BLU Ray drive and am obviosuly going to want to connect it via HDMI, I have tried this before but because of the native resolution of 1366x768 I have never been able to get a good picture.

Is there an easy fix or can anyone shed some light on the subject?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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  1. standard 1080i resolution is 1920x1080 thats what i run my pc on my 32 inch hdtv and ive noticed no distortion (stretching squishing or corner warpage) also check your refresh rate make sure it coresponds to tv specs hope this helps for desktop viewing you may want to increase size to 120 dpi or more otherwise is so small and crisp it illegible.

    p.s. what do you mean by bad picture?
  2. Did you change your desktop resolution to match your TVs resolution (1366X768)?

    Also, most TV's do a 60Hz refresh rate some are capable of a higher refresh rate it may look better with a higher refresh rate if your TV is capable but I wouldn't count on your TV having the ability.

    Danevil was talking about the size of the test.

    To answer your question we really need to know what you mean by "never been able to get a good picture".
    What is wrong with the picture?
  3. Hey,

    thanks for replies...

    I have set the TV res to 1360x768 (sorry I know i said 1366) with the HDMI cable plugged in and text is slightly blurry and has a fuzzy over sharpened look to it.

    Regardless of how I alter the refresh rate, resolution etc it never changes.

    It doesn't look sharp, clear or anywhere near as good as VGA

  4. have you tried watching a dvd hows that picture if its just text and icons increase your dpi through advanced settings (where you set your resolution) higher resolutions decrease size but the detail stays so your tv is trying to render hd picture to something the size of a pixel so it looks blur if full screen video still looks bad then it could be your settings (took me three weeks to tweek mine just right) or your wire or many other things first watch a high quality movie (not a downloaded or burnt video an actual legit dvd) if it still looks bad well go from there if it looks good try increasing dpi and that should fix the icons and text.
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