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Today I tried to install a new graphics card on my 5 year old Dell Dimension 4600. I ordered a recommended graphics card through Dell. Asus AH3450 512 MB 64 bit (even though I thought I was getting an ATI Radeon HD3450, I think it's just a marketing difference between PCI and AGP cards). I hate having an outdated and unpopular card.

Anyway, this is my first time swapping hardware, and I thought I followed all the steps correctly. Made sure the card was seated firmly, and hooked up an additional power supply (P6 connection). The on-board fan powered up, but no video display on two different monitors tried. Using a D-Sub connection.

Can anyone think of something I may have missed, or did I just get faulty hardware? Do I need to use the last additional power cord (P7)?

My power supply is the original, 250W, so it should be adequate. Dell has been very helpful in recent weeks, including talking me through an XP reinstall, but were not great today. They are sending a new card though, so hopefully that one will work.

Any insight is appreciated. I know I'm not totally fluent but I'm learning.
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  1. Is the molex connector firmly plugged in? Try it on a different machine if possible to rule on a possible defective product. But if anything, try to get the product RMA'ed, returned for credit, or refunded. I've read about a lot of problems with this card, especially with compatibility.
  2. The molex connector is the extra power supply cord, yes? Yes, for me it was a P6 four-pronged female receptor. I had to stretch it a bit but got it firmly connected to the card itself. The fan started running when I powered on the PC, so I'm wondering if maybe the D-Sub port is dead. I did try it on two different monitors, but same PC tower. Thanks for your feedback.
  3. I think the PSU is not enough. I have thee same card (agp ah3450) and with my 420W PSU I can't play directx10 games without freeze. (but I dont know yet if that is the problem)

    Everything else is ok. HD movies are awesome with DXVA and Directx9 games are good too.

    Please can you try with another PSU? I want to know if that is our problem or not.
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