Slow cpu fan ever after cleaning

I cleaned my Cpu fan in the morning but after 2 hours of playing game, my computer got shutdown( cz of overheat), when i checked the fan again, it was way slower, and when i touch that it became fast again for a sec n then slow again, is this problem with power supply or its the faulty fan? can a fan speed software help me
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  1. Is your CPU over-clocked?
    What Heat-sink/cooler are you using?

    Have you changed any fan settings in the BIOS? If your not sure go into the BIOS and double check, either set the fan on AUTO, or a relatively high setting (80-100%) if your experiencing over-heating.

    At what temperature is your CPU when your PC shuts itself down?
  2. the fan automatically speeds up and slows down depending on temperature. You can go into bios and turn of the auto fan speed so it runs at full speed all the time. If it still doesnt run at full speed, buy a new fan.
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