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there were a few articles on the internet stating that amd will release news about the 7000 series on Dec 5 . does anyone know what happened.
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  1. The 7950 and 7970 are already released since yesterday(Not sure as it's only on price)... They never told us if it's ganna be released in US or not...

    EDIT: They're selling it as Christmas gift so there isn't a lot? Not sure how many is ganna be sell but it's going to be awesome and shouldn't replace the current 6000 series
    BTW, it's going to be PCI-E 3.0 so it's better if you have PCI-E 3.0 but is backward compatible to PCI-E 2.0/2.1
  2. have they been benchmarked on any sites . how did you find out they got released
  3. Hey, legend, you ought to post links when you give a statement like that.
  4. Em they are released?? What ? Links please...
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    Both products (7950 and 7970) are expected to be released during CES 2012 and will occupy the $349-449 price bracket, while the dual-GPU version of Tahiti, the HD 7990, will debut in March 2012 and the target price is the same as the original price of its predecessor - $699 (520 EUR).
  6. Only problem with that link is that the 7970/50 are supposed to use new cores, so the core count is probably wrong. Those chips are supposed to use AMDs next gen core, and those core counts look to use the "old" VLIW4 like the 6950/70. Open your mouth and pour in the salt....
  7. the mobile ones are out but i haven't heard anything about the desktop
  8. 9_breaker said:
    the mobile ones are out but i haven't heard anything about the desktop

    I think it's just the price for destop that came out for the 7950/70
    BTW, Here's some pricing and release date....
  9. amd launched mobile 7000m gpus which seem like they arerebadged 6xxx gpus. nvidia also debuted their 600m gpus based on gf 1xx.
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