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Hello all,

Currently have stock intake and exhaust fans in my antec 902. I also have a push/pull setup on my hyper 212+, keeping the CM fan that came with it and adding an old fan from a previous rig. I'm planning on changing the 2 intake fans and the exhaust fan for purely aesthetic reasons into 3 of these:

Newegg states that the xiggys have a CFM of 61 with < 20 dB.

In addition, I want to replace my current push/pull fans with a pair of:

I'm not too keen on airflow theory, but I want to know if air would "clog" on my back exhaust with 2 powerful fans pushing air towards it, especially since it has lower cfm and is slower compared to the 110 from the slipstreams. Or is the 200mm big boy enough to make sure that doesn't happen?

Thanks in advance for the advice :]
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  1. Might as well go all the way with the 200mm big boy. I think with that you'll have some excellent airflow throughout the case.
  2. Might wanna read this:

    For push - pull, if MoBo supports, ya might wanna get PWM fans.
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