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I'm building a rig for a friend of mine that he wants for lan parties. He doesnt want to much power so im thinking of going with a 9800GTX w/ a core2dua E7500 (newegg link) but i want to make sure that its future proof for him so that he can SLI in the future two 9800's. I was wondering if an E7500 would bottleneck two 9800GTX's in SLI? If it does then what processor should i get so that its not overkill for simply playing games along the lines of Left4Dead, CSS, and starcraft II (when it comes out obviously)?
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  1. I would go with a XFX 4870 and a Crossfire MOBO. You want to avoid a Nvidia chipset motherboard (750, 780, & 790), if you can. These boards are not known for their reliability.

    edit The E7500 will not be a bottleneck in gaming. Also, have you looked at an AMD Phenom x2 550 AM3 build? Can be built close to the E7500 build but provide an upgrade path down the road.
  2. ended up going with 4870 Sapphire and an AMD PII x3.
  3. Smart / Wise move... I'm sure he'll be (or is) happy with the build.
  4. parts should get here today. thanks for the help mate ;)
  5. i dont know about e7500, but my cpu does bottleneck my gpu which is e4400 and gts 250

    i played gta4 and grid with stock clock 2.0 and i was getting 15 and 40 fps on these games,
    during game my graphics card doesnt use all of its power.
    because i know that full load gts 250 temp goes to 80 when i play other games
    but when i play gta4, gpu temp stays at 58C with 35percent fan speed.

    after i overclock my cpu to 3.23 from 2.0
    frames jumps up from 15 in gta4, and 40 in grid to 30 in gta4 and 65 in grid
    and temperature goes to up 70C with 75 percent fan speed

    during these games cpu usage is always 100% except in grid when overclocked.
    i wish i could OC my cpu more so i dont get bottlenecked. this 3.23 still bottleneck GTS 250 in GTA4.
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