XFX 5870 AA troubles

Well wasn't really aware of this as this is my First ATI card, but I'm having horrid problems with the AA.

Now I've seen mixed results with ATI cards taking and not taking AA... Somehow I would imagine the 5800 series should beable to withstand anything you can throw at it rather then being taken down by a 4x AA... So... Whats up?

I'm running New Drivers just got the card today and 9.1 Catalyst
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  1. Well catalyst 9.9 is the most recent try upgrading to that and see if it resolves the issue. What games in particular are causing you issues, at what resolution, and what FPS are you getting?
  2. Alright I'll try and update that, Going to go through a couple games and test it out.

    I just downloaded what seems to be a out of date one as I didn't have to go through anything on the Amd site.

    Second run now I went what I remember from updating Nvidia cards.

    Aion 16xAF: 0x AA 90fps, 2x 60fps, 4x 20fps, 8x 11fps

    Spellborn 16xAF: 0xAA 27fps, 1x AA 24 Fps, 2xAA 17fps, 3x AA 14fps

    Accuratly in Every game so far AA has had horrid effects on Fps more so then anything.. I mean I was getting nearly same Fps with my 8800GT on Spellborn, give or take some Fps on Aion. Mind you on Aion I was getting 35fps solid with Max everything.

    That was the 8800GT! This should absolutely walk all over that.
  3. What resolution are you play at?
  4. If you have had an 8800GT before, you might have some Nvidia driver conflicts. Nvidia's uninstall doesn't completely uninstall the drivers in the registry. You'll need to download special programs such as DriveSweeper.
  5. Alright just about to install new driver so I'll uninstall the Nvidia driver full before hand .

    Should I uninstall PhysX also?
  6. Make sure that, your old drivers were properly uninstalled, and the new one properly installed. Sometimes the ATI drivers have had issues completely uninstalling them selves, sometimes after market products will have to be used to get a good clean uninstall.
  7. Uninstall everything related to Nvidia. First use the auto-uninstall tool from your control panel or the icon.

    Then use DriveSweeper to get rid of every last trace of anything Nvidia
  8. Roger, Driver Sweep Nvidia Chipset =D... Just kidding I'll see if I can find the uninstall because honestly It disappeared after I took out the card.
  9. I drive sweeped my Nvidia chipset...I don't think you need them anymore if you go ATI.
  10. Driver 100% up to date now.

    Nvidia unexistant.

    Still having same issue, no change whatsoever....

    This card isn't proving its worth yet at all even remotely.
  11. U might have a bad card in that case. Run synthetics (3d mark or vantage) and see what you get.
  12. It does depend somewhat on the complexity of the scene. The more edges visible, the more that needs to be antialiased.
  13. I'll throw ya my 3Dmark/Vantage results:

    I can't run Vantage atm but I'll try and get that going in a sec.. disabling PhysX took it offline >.>....

    Anyway results:

    HDR/SM3.0 Score: 2012 (At 1920x1080 8xAA 16xAF)
    20Fps Canyon Flight
    20Fps Deep Freeze

    HDR/SM3.0 Score: 6438 (At 1920x1080 0xAA 16xAF)
    77Fps Canyon Flight
    51Fps Deep Freeze

    (Just noticed a setting that wasn't turned down in CCC the AA mode which was maxed out Going to repeat test with that turned down.)

    So Some Random Tests:

    (Super Sample AA on, 24x Sample on Edge-Detect. 8xAA, 16xAF, 1920x1080)
    HDR/SM3.0 Score: 5719
    63Fps Canyon Flight
    51Fps Deep Freeze

    (Super-Sample, Application 8xAA, CCC A.I turned to standard, otherwise same settings)
    Don't feel like going through test... FPS were fine no change to one above...

    So I'm confused on the relations ships with CCC and Applications.
  14. Struck something, Disabled everything in CCC to minimum and got only minor Fps drop from 100 to 90 from 0x to 8x Application :bounce:

    So... there is some sort of relationship there.

    Just need to figure out what is causing it.

    Figured out first variable: AA mode - Works fine with Multi Sample just not Super Sample. Adaptive Multi Sampling Also Works fine. Which is a step higher.

    Going to try and max everything else out and see how it goes.

    Edit: Alright everything is in working order now, Running smooth with everything but that...

    Last quick question, Should I have triple buffering on? Not sure what it does.
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    Supersampling is the most intensive form of antialiasing, where the whole frame is rendered at a resolution several times higher than the resolution you set in-game and then scaled back down again before being sent to the display device. It is extremely inefficient, so multisampling is normally used (which only antialiases the edges of polygons).

    Triple buffering in the driver control panel only affects OpenGL applications for some reason, so changing it will generally do nothing.
  16. Thanks for the help just need to tweak it a bit now and its good to go =)
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