I hear audio coming at of my computer but not out of my monitor how to I solve i

Do anyone have the solution????
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  1. What computer you have and is your monitor have build in Speaker...?
  2. yes my monitor had build in speaker Hp vs15......computer HP workstation xw6000
  3. any solution?????
  4. Did you plug in the speakers to the computer (not the video cable, the audio one)? Volume on them turned up?

    If you can hear the sounds form the PC tower, means you have not hooked up anything to the audio outputs.
  5. here is a quick spec....

    because you use a workstation it have the on board Audio connect to a inside speaker...

    In the quick spec it say it also have "Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS PCI card"

    You need a Audio cable connect from the "Sound Out" on System to Audio In in the LCD..

    You monitor seems didn't come with the Audio Cable
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