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So i'm putting together somewhat of a budget build. The store from where I'm going to buy the parts is kinda out of stock atm. I will be using the following parts:

P2 955 @ hopefully atleast 3.8-4
C3D 6870
2x2GB 1333Mhz ram.

So my question is: Which one of these mobos should I choose for OCing? I know they all are low-end, but that's just my budget.

ECS A880GM-M7 s.AM3 mATX 44€
ECS A880LM-M s.AM3 mATX 41€
MSI 760GM-E51 AM3 mATX 55€

These really are the only reasonable choices for me. Not enough dough for anything better!
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  1. I would pick the 880 board that suites you better, lower end boards usually do not overclock well but since you have the 955BE it is only done by raising the multiplier!
  2. I was also leaning to the newer chipset... So if I only have to increase the multiplier, do I even need a great cooler? I'm thinking of a AF 13.
  3. A good cooler for the CPU is needed regardless of overclocking method.
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