G33MO2 RevA01 and Radeon HD5570 Compatibility

I have tried two different graphics cards on teh G33MO2 motherboard and it will not recognize either of them. I can still boot to Vista using the on board graphics. The graphics card I am tryong to install is an ATI Radeon HD5570. I tried to install the drivers and disable the on board graphics (within Vista Control Panel), I set the start-up to look for the pci slot first, but it still does not even show up on the hardware list in control panel. Any ideas? Is there a jumper or something on the motherboard I need to change? Should I change anything in the bios to accomodate the graphics card?
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  1. Check for a BIOS update. ATI seems to re-invent its PCI Express implementation every time it launches a new GPU that requires a BIOS update for the mobo to solve. Secondarily, maybe your PSU is not adequate.
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