Can You Run a 2P Nehalem Xeon MB 1P?

I'm looking at building a new box to replace my dual Opteron 270. I'm looking at doing something like:

Tyan S7025
1P Xeon 5520

In other words, run the Tyan with one processor until I can come up with the money to buy another one and then pop it in. I seem to recall doing this with other 2P boards in the past, but I honestly have no idea if this can work.

Any thoughts on RAM kits to go with such a beast. I know Opteron wants RAM and CPU to be lined up. Is Xeon similar?
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  1. I am thinking about doing the same thing and would be interested in this possibility as well. From everything I've read, it should work, but I'd like to know for sure before dropping the money.

    That board is great. I only wish that I would have jumped on the version with onboard SAS before it got deactivated at newegg. Not sure I want the added expense of an areca controller on this build from the start, so I'll have to stick to SATA drives. All 4 PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots are at full speed from the looks of things thanks to the dual 5520 chipsets.

    As for memory, I've been looking at the 3x4gb kits of registered DDR3 on newegg. There are some nice looking ones from supertalent or wintec, but they go in and out of stock pretty quick.

    One other thing I would be interested in is heatsink compatibility. It looks like there is a fair bit of space around the processor sockets, but I don't want to push my luck with a huge tower cooler and then have issues with the fit.
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