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Hi there =)

I'd like to build my new PC on Intel i7 Core 920. I wanted to buy this processor with

Asus V2 P6T Deluxe i7

but this motherboard seems to be expensive for me. I was wondering ... I am not going to OC my hardware. Would it be better to buy either

Asus P6T i7

or even

Asus P6T SE i7

I would not like to end up with something which will limit the Intel i7 Core 920 though. What do you think? I am not expert with these things yet so I can only count on your opinions =) Or maybe any suggestions for other motherboards from different companies.

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  1. If you're not overclocking and buying each component separately (instead of a package deal) then I recommend the asrock x58 extreme for $159.99 shipped at newegg. I have used every major brand of motherboard, and asrock performs well. All the boards use the same x58 chipset, so performance is about the same. Why pay lots more for a name. Asrock is an offshoot of asus. Frys has an msi combo special with Intel 930 cpu for $369.99 after rebate in today's ad, an excellent deal if you live near one of their stores. The asrock has few instructions in the set up manual, so if you're lucky to get it to post the first time, go into the bios using the post f key listed, check the time and date (change if necessary), set the boot order (cd>hardrive) or (dvd>ide0), and finally, set the memory to the recommended voltage, usually 1.5-1.65. Then save and exit using f10. As a first time builder, be aware that your board may not post the first time due to operator error, not the hardware. It's easy to blame the hardware, but I've been there, done that.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- What is your budget for the mobo?
    2- What other components the rig have? GPU, RAM, HDD
    3- What is the total budget of the rig?
    4- What is the main purpose of the rig? Games, video edition, surf the web
    5- Have you any components in this moment?
  3. hi guys =),

    Thanks o1die. I'll have a look at that model.

    1. I would not like to exceed £600 but it's not like total upper limit. If I need to I can handle it.
    2. I wanted also:
    GeForce 9800GT from Gigabyte,
    Corsair memory DDR3 1333MHz 4GB kit of 2x204pin SODIMM Unbuffered (CL9)
    HDD - probably my old ones or a new something like Seagate SATA 500GB (or SATA II)
  4. ok.

    1- I can assume that the £600 are for the all rig.
    2- Why the 9800GT? Is a good GPU, but with the price of the 5770 and 58xx series, maybe isn't a good option.
    3- The RAM have CL high, that isn't good for DDR3, try to get a RAM with CL7 or CL8
    4- This is a good 500GB HD
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