Asus Motherboard help. All powered up but No VGA....

Hey there guys,

I've just bought a new cheap system and I seem to be having issues with getting the thing going. When I turn the power on everything starts up (HDD, DVD, CPU FAN etc) but there's no output to the monitor. The GPU is built in to the motherboard. I've tried a few things to see what the problem is.

Switched out the ram with some that I know works.... no change
Tried another PSU.... no change
unplugged all attached devices and reconnnected them one by one - no change.
Grabbed a compatible graphics card that I use every day, still no vision.

One thought is that the main power plug for the motherboard has 4 plugs left over (it still "boots" though) and there are no other suitable looking plugs other then the 4 connector plug that goes near the CPU. On a side note, the PC won't boot at all if I plug this 4 plug cable in... using both PSU's... could this be an indication of something else?

It seems to me like the silly thing wants to work as it all acts like it booting, but with no VGA output. Please help. I've read a couple of things online stating that maybe I need to reset the bios and pull the battery, but I don't get how this will work considering that the thing is new.

Intel Celeron E1500

Case -
Gigabyte GZ-X8

Kingston 2GB 4200

HDD - WD sata 500gb -

Motherboard -

500w I don't have the brand with me at the moment, but it has worked in other PC's without a hitch.

I've built a couple of PC's and have never really had any problems and this is doing my head in. Can someone please help?!?! I'm trying to build it quickly as it's a birthday present so quick responses would be awesome.

Thanks again!
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  1. Yeah, I did. I'm pretty confident that I've done everything on the list (I'll be triple checking tonight when I get home from work). It just seems like such a silly problem.
  2. Hmmm,you are sure that the onboard video is activated??
    The other thing you can do is to bench the sucker,that will eliminate any possibility that it is case related,I had a similar problem with an AMD Asus mobo.would not work in the case but would outside,and if the mobo supports it all the power connectors should be connected..:)
  3. monkeym666 said:
    there are no other suitable looking plugs other then the 4 connector plug that goes near the CPU. On a side note, the PC won't boot at all if I plug this 4 plug cable in... using both PSU's... could this be an indication of something else?

    You absolutely HAVE to plug in the 4-pin connector near the CPU. That's what provides the CPU with power. There's no chance that the system will ever work without the CPU power plugged in. I know you said you "tried" the checklist, but I'm very confident that the resolution to your problem is in the checklist. You need to actually perform every step in the checklist. It contains troubleshooting tips from multiple forum members and was created to troubleshoot problems exactly like yours.

    Do you have a system speaker plugged in so you can hear any beep codes? Have you tried the breadboarding suggestion in the checklist to build the system outside the case to eliminate the possibility of a short?
  4. Oh dear... thanks for the replies everyone. I'm still trying... I got a new PSU tonight thinking that it was the only weak link in the chain. No deal. Still no post, still no VGA.

    ShortsStuff... yeah I've got the system speaker plugged in. I'm going to try the bread boarding at some stage tonight or tomorrow and then go from there. I'm beginning to think that it's a faulty mobo but we'll see soon. I'll be going through the list again tonight to see if I'm missing anything. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... man, I've never had so many issues with making a PC.
  5. Well breadboarding works! I got the thing to boot up and installed everything.. Thanks to everyone for their help, it seems like there was a screw that was on an slight angle touching the case.... I think. My only problem now is that even though it works brillantly... I'm now having an issue with it not powering up.

    I push the button and 1 out of every 8 goes the CPU fan spins up for a second or two and then stops. I've found that if I crack open the case and move some stuff around aimlessly (PSU wires mainly) and replug the HDD/DVD it'll just start working out of the blue for no particular reason. It's an odd one becuase I've tried replicating the same fix a couple of times and it doesn't work. It seems to take me moving "stuff" around for it to randomly start working again fine. Does anyone have any other ideas for this even stupider problem?
  6. well you can try a 2 psu to see if the psu wire are bad. If not then i dont know.
  7. I've tried... no luck. Is there a chance that if the heatsinc is loose/not sitting straight that the mobo's safety features are shutting down the board to avoid overheating? Playing around with it some more the PC works brilliantly when it's running and will reboot fine some times. It has to be something loose shorting something right?
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