Updating BIOS for eVGA X58 X3 SLI

Hi, I recently custom built my computer and I suspect that there are some issues with the mobo and the USB routines. I want to update the bios for my eVGA X58 X3 SLI but when I visit the eVGA site, there are updates for X58 series but I'm confused as to which files I should use. I heard that flashing BIOS can mess up your computer big time and since it's my first time doing it, I figure I should ask around first.
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  1. The instructions are pretty good for your board. Select "support" then motherboard, then x58, then your model number listed as e758-e762. You have a choice of flash methods. I like the iso method if you have plenty of blank cd's. The usb drive option also works ok. Just disable "boot block" in the bios before starting. Also close any yellow bar security warnings if they appear on the screen while flashing by using the "x" in the upper right corner of the bar. Then be patient. While flashing, a window will appear and the old bios file will be erased, unless you want to save it first. Then continue flashing and when you're done, either the system will reboot automatically, or prompt you to do it yourself. Then you can go back into the bios, save and exit or simply let it finish loading into windows, which is what I recommend. Good luck.
  2. I have gathered the files required to flash my bios. However I cannot make a bootable USB that can execute the bios.bin.

    Can someone please guide me in creating a bootable USB?
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