Resizing Partitions in a Raid 5 Configuration


I currently have a file server that has low space the primary (OS) Partition. There are 5 drives in a Raid 5 configuration that i would not like to rebuild. It there an easy way to resize the partitions without losing any data. Total space on the Raid 5 configuration is 1TB. the Primary Partition has about 20GB with only 3GB free while the 2nd partition has the rest of the space. There is no unallocated space. I was going to try a program like Partition Magic Server but found that I can lose data.

Please help. I need to get this done as soon as possible.
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  1. old post now, i am surprised no support help here????

    to solve low disk space problem in server, if you do not want to use third party partition tool, you have to rebuild your server for a large OS partition. I guess you do not like to do it.

    Diskpart.exe cannot help in this issue, as contiguous space is required. so considering nothing is perfect, third party may be a good choice here. Certainly, do not forget back up all crucial files.

    see here for how to extend system partition:
  2. Spammer!!! Do you think the asker is waiting for your reply? It will soon be one year since this thread came out.

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