Is my 4890 bottlenecked? STILL????

hey everyone, hows it going? for those of you who replied to my earlier posts regarding my graphics cards issues, i would like to apolagise, you told me my problems with my display was to do with overclocking, i said it was due to ati drivers, turns out it was because i was a complete idiot and didnt have the card connected properly after my last bout of cable management! DOIT

so anyway here we go

i cant see for a second that my phenom 720 overclocked at 3.7ghz is in any way shape or form bottlenecking my 4890 overclocked at 930core and 1200mem however! someone told me that if your cpu scores lower in benchmarks than your gcard, then this means it is bottlenecking????? this is bogus... right?
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  1. cool thanks man :) and can i just say hd5870's in xfire!!!!!!!!!!!! JAW DROP!!! got pics? i kinda wish i had held out for the 5800 series, but i do love my 4890, off topic what sorta benchmarks you getting on 3dmark etc?
  2. cool thanks :) yeah i felt like such a muppet, after trying so many different things, opened up my case, to see the second power connector of the card hanging out slightly, so.... when fan would spin at 100% vibration caused display error! so glad i fixed that, i only thought it was drivers, cuz i read in a forum several people have had issues with 4890 drivers, just goes to show, no matter how much you learn, you can still forget stuff! will DEFINATELY remember next time to check all hardware connections properly, lol said that before
  3. sweeeet
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