Which graphics card for an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400?

Which graphics card will be the best one with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 CPU, 2.13 GHz, bus speed 1066 MHz?

My computer is an Acer Aspire E560 with ATI RC410 chipset and a pentium D915 2.8 GHz, which I am going to replace with the CPU mentioned at the top. I have a 620 W Corsair PSU I can put in, so the power should not be a problem.
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  1. it doesnt matter (within reason)ati or nvidia just get the fastest one you can afford and that will b the best 1
    how much doe you got 2 spend?
  2. OK, I take it from your reply that the CPU I have chosen is likely to keep up with any graphics card out there today, right?

    I was considering to settle with an HD4850 together with the D915, but I saw that a replacement CPU like the E6400 comes pretty cheap on ebay now, around 40-50€

    So, I guess that the E6400 together with any card better than the HD4850 will give most bang for the bucks, right?
  3. no not high end ones

    didnt the e6400 come out in 2006?
  4. right thats what i meant. the high end cards wouldnt pay off unless he upgrades the cpu to a higher end one
  5. Good. So if I choose anything up to, let's say GTX 295, I should not be slowed down by the E6400?

    2006? Yes, guess that is about right.
  6. ill try again .........
    do not get a high end graphic card it wouldnt work as well with the e6400 you need to get a better cpu with that card

    check out this cpu chart .......... http://www.cpubenchmark.net/common_cpus.html
    the e6400 has a score of 1250 . to run with that card (GTX295)u should have a score off about 1890 OR MORE
  7. your replies came before my conclusion above. I take your advice and settle for a more modest one than the GTX 295. I'm happy as long as it can run CoD4 and Red Alert flawlessly
  8. OK heres a gpu chart so you can compare whatever 1 you decide to get

  9. Thank you very much. That's a good list to choose from.
  10. I have a e6400 and I will say that it is a fantastic cpu when overclocked but at even stock it is worlds better than that 915. It can push a single card quite nicely. Tested cards 9800gt, 8800gtx, 2400 pro, x1900xt, two evga 7600gs in sli, and soon to be a 4870. So get any thing on par with a 9800gt or better like a 4850/gts250 would be a great combo.
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