What CPU cooler should i get for my new Amd 3.4 quad?

i just got a new amd phenom II 965 BE 3.4 quad

as of right now i dont know if or how much i plan to OC the cpu, but i want one that will idle low, and wont get high at load. i dont want to spend more then $80. also i may OC in the future and would like to not have to buy a new one down the line.

mobo asus m3n72-d am2/am2 cpu socket
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  1. i didn't think that site is as accurate, because it has solid reviews, but doesn't give the full story on fitting and quadcore OC, and has older coolers on it.

    but if it is accurate where can i get the 3rsystems iceage 120 boss in the us, or on a US website?
  2. I recommend either the Sunbeam CCF or Cooler Master Hyper 212+ heat sinks. These are two great heat sinks, which can both be purchased for less than $40 on Newegg or other US stores.
  3. thanks for the help i went ahead and ordered the sunbeam
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