Ati hd 4770 ddr5 and 128 bit or nvidia gts 250 ddr 3 256 bit (better?)

which is better........both are of same price
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  1. none :)

    wait few weeks and get the 5750 or 5770
  2. ummm my XFX HD 4770 OC
    can kill the lame Nvidia GTS 250
  3. XFX HD 4770 competes with the GTX 260 series
  4. Yeah, at stock settings the GTS 250 is more powerful but the HD4770 is 40nm so it uses much less power and runs cooler so it OCs better.
  5. Woah, someone needs to muzzle amalio.

    4850 ~ 9800GTX/GTX+ ~ GTS250
    4830 ~ 4770 ~ 8800/9800GT/GT 240
  6. The HD4850 and GTS 250 are comparable as are the HD4830 and the 9800gt but the HD4770 belongs on its own level between those 2 groups and the GT 240 is significantly weaker than any of the other cards you listed.
  7. I have the 4770, I overclcock it about 20% stock its 750/800 --900/975 when gaming. Its about the same as a 4850 this way , but there are some games the gts250 is just faster in. Its not equal to a gtx260, unless its in a screwed up system. lol
  8. The HD4770 is only 5-10% weaker than the HD4850 so a 20% OC should make it a good bit better. Not quite up to GTX 260 levels but getting there I guess.
  9. The GTS 250 is definitely the best card you can get between $110 and 125.
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