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6.2 on one unit, but not the other?

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May 31, 2005 9:51:12 PM

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Over the weekend, my downstairs (DSR7000) DirecTiVo got the 6.2 upgrade.
I haven't noticed whether it's any faster, but the folders are handy.

Strangely, my upstairs unit (HDVR2) is still on 3.x. I'd had a problem
with daily calls a couple of months ago, thanks to some roofwork that had
affected the wiring to the phone outlet that TiVo's plugged into, but the
problem went away by itself before I had a chance to deal with it, and the
daily calls have been succeeding with no problems for at least a month.

I forced a daily call on the HDVR2 after the DSR7000 got its upgrade, but
no joy (the call worked, but the unit didn't upgrade).

Has anybody else with multiple DirecTiVos seen this?

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May 31, 2005 9:51:13 PM

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"Paul Wylie" <> wrote in message
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> Has anybody else with multiple DirecTiVos seen this?

Mine are not DirectTiVos- just plain old stand alones, but the last round of
updates were months apart on them.

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