PCMCIA 802.11b pulled out of an AP ... and drivers


Today, i was going through some dysfunctional hardware.
Opened up a D-link DWL 1000+ AP, and a SMC 2482W. Both of these are 802.11b 11/22Mbit access points.
And both of these broken APs had PCMCIA cards in its insides .... along with some circuit boards, wires, etc.

So i screwed out those two PCMCIA cards and tested them in a notebook (windows 2000, windows 2003).
Yep, they appear to be functional. The only problem is that i just cant find the propper driver.

Tried these:
D-link DWL 650+
D-link DWL 650
D-link DWL 520
D-link DWL 610
... and DWL 1000+ AP driver is available only in firmware format. That wont do.

Damn! No luck so far!

There are no labels on these PCMCIA cards, so i just cant figure out what sort of hardware it is.
Nice manual - http://www.fixya.com/support/p277569-d_link_airpremier_dwl_1000ap_802_11b/manual-14262 - but it does not reveal what sort of PCMCIA hardware is used.

Any advice?
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  1. If you can figure out which wireless chipset is used you may be able to locate a generic driver.
  2. Not sure if thats a good idea ... the only way to determine the chipset vendor would be removing the metal PCMCIA casing followed by the wireless shielding and then looking at the chip (equals destroying the card :( )

    Both these cards have the same PCB though .... must be some "generic PCMCIA model for APs from the 2005", if you know what i mean
  3. If you Google the model number of the unit you extracted them from you may find the chipset maker.
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