A good card/ssd combo to obtain 6Gbs

I have a ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 OC motherboard and I want to add a 6 GB 128 Gb SSD to run MSFSX which now is at 76 Gb and growing. It will not be used as a boot drive.

What I am looking for is a recommendation on what add on card I should use to control the SSD. I have an extra PCIx16 slot that I can use.
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  1. Have you looked into a PCI-e interface SSD card? Check out the OCZ Revodrives
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    RAID cards with SATA interfaces aren't at the stage of saturating 6Gbps. Whereas PCI-e SSD cards absolutely trump. This SSD ranking page lists a bunch of both SSD drives and PCI-e drives. That should give you an idea of the performance difference between the two.
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    Look at your mobo carefully.

    I have the Asus P6T, and the PCI-e "mini" slot is under the first PCI-e x16 slot with my graphics card. So, it's unusable. Most PCI-e cards plug into this slot.

    Have you thought of setting up a RAID 0 array with 2 SATA II 3.0Gbps SSD drives?
  4. The PCI card is what I want but OCZ said that it will not work with my MBO.
    Thanks for the help but it looks like it's back to Plan 1.
  5. A few SSDs in RAID 0 will give you close to what you're looking for. With a high speed SSD solution the new motherboard might be the cheapest component......
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