Help? are these temp ok to over clock?

Hello, i just recently built a new pc (sorry new at the idea of overclocking ) with the i5-2500k cpu with cooler master 212 plus cpu fan and the gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 mb with 2 sticks of 2gb ( ddr3 1600 ) kingston ram in a COOLER MASTER Elite 430. my main question is that on stock setting with no overclocking my cpu idles at 25c-27c and when browsing the internet i'm at 30c-32c and when playing games its goes to 37c. now i tried to over clock it with the easy tune6 software that gigabyte give us to Cpu-4.33ghz Bclk-103mhz and got 33c-35c on idle and on gaming it went up to 47c and i did try to uses prime95 and ran it for 45 minutes and temp went up to 60c-63c... i all i was wondering if i overclock it and leave it at 4.33ghz are those good temps or should i just leave it stock?
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    Your temperatures are still in the safe zone. This is thanks to a better then stock cooler. That said, the max will vary from person to person. I say if its under 70 in prime, you should be good to go as long as it is stable and not running a overly high voltage.

    Do not push the base clock too much more as at some point it will start to become unstable.

    You may be able to get better results in the bios with your own settings. Most software and auto overclocks use more voltage then needed

    Check here, but i personally use no pll over voltage(2600k). Just take it slow and keep an eye on it. stress test it. go higher if you want. At some point, you will not see or feel the difference, that is when i would stop(or if temps start to move up quick or you need large jumps in voltage). In most cases you will just need a bit of cpu voltage(if even) if you are just going in the 4.4-4.5 range
  2. thanks for the advise :D i'm glad to hear that those temps are still in the safe zone. i'll differently have to check things out and progress slowly. too bad it wasn't as easy as it seems lol :D but thanks for info on the auto overclocking
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