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hi guys....i made this build (with my friend) tell me if it's good and i know it is... lets go to the point....if you notice below you will see the power supply is missing .... yup because i didn't figure out which one will i lets see i need advice about a PSU and about my build :wahoo:

ASUS Rampage Extreme LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX Intel Motherboard-1100 aed (300$) (ebay) shipping included

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Quad-Core Processor,2.83GHz,12M L2 Cache,1333MHz FSB,LGA775-1000aed (275$) (ebay) shipping included

XFX Radeon 4890 1.0 GB DDR5 XXX HD-489A-ZDDC-1155aed (315$) (ebay) with shipping included

Thermaltake VJ400G1N2Z V9 Black Edition Mid Tower Marvelous Gaming Case with 23cm Silent Fan- 300aed (82$) (local store)

Western digital WD Caviar Green 1 TB WD10EADS-510aed (140$) (ebay) shipping included

CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB 2x 2GB 1600MHZ 12800 DDR3 MEMORY-755aed (210$) (ebay) shipping included
Kingston HyperX 4 GB Kit DDR3-500AED (140$) shipping included
RAM DDR3-1800 2GB Kingston / CL8 / HyperX / KIT-2x1GB /-690 aed (187$)

Power Supply:


Alternative Cases:

XCLIO 777 case 600 aed

xclio A380 - 730 aed

xclio Windtunnel- 410 aed

Cooler Master HAF-350 aed

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  1. Did you check whether the Intel i5s are out in your country ?

    And going with such a costly mobo that too with LGA 775 socket, is not a good option...

    And if you have any links of websites, from where you can buy the parts or would give the list of available parts, post them here...
    IT would be better if you read, fill, copy and paste this here...
  2. i dont know any good online stores ... but iam good with any World Wide shipping store

    and about the PSU do you know any good one?
  3. PSU - A high quality 500W PSU from Corsair/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ Antec EA/ PCP&C can power that setup...
    But if you are planning to add one more HD 4890 later on, then get atleast a Corsair 650TX or any 700W PSU from any of the manufacturers listed above...

    And do go through that sticky and paste...
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