Can you use DDR2 on a DDR3 motherboard

My cpu fried and so I need to replace it. The local fry's has an Athlon II X4 635 and Biostar A770E3 for a really good price. I looked up the specs on the motherboard on Biostar's site and it says it's a DDR3 supported motherboard. I was curious if I can use my old DDR2-800 memory from my old C2D build onto this motherboard? If I have to upgrade memory I will just replace with another C2D. Oh and looking on the supported memory it only had DDR3 on it.

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  1. No. I saw that deal available at my local frys. Consider yourself fortunate to be getting the board free, and buy another low end ddr2 board and sell the ddr3 model. You should break even. I use either biostar or msi 6150se boards; the msi will even overclock some.
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    The 'notch' you line up on your mobo in the RAM slot is not the same with DDR2 and DDR3, thus not allowing them to 'fit'
  3. Not only will it not physically fit but the sticks of RAM are electrically incompatible as well
  4. First things first...

    It won't even fit... :)
  5. Haha glad I asked, thank you very much guy's. I just have not had the time to research this new technology stuff. I'll go up there and see what DDR2 board's they have or just buy DDR3 and try to keep up with the times :D
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  7. Thank you so much, i will upgrade my PC to DDR3 M/B.
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