Q6600 Upgrade to q9550

im thinking of upgrading my q6600 to a q9550 or either upgrading my video card to a 5770(my current card is a 4850 512)

which do u think would be better upgrading to a q9550 or getting a 5770 to run with my q6600
(core i5 or core i7 is out of the question i dont have the cash to buy a new mobo and ddr3 ram at this time)
would the cpu upgrade be worth it will i notice less cpu usage with games i run now on my q6600 with the q9550
or should i stick with my current card the 4850 512 and ju

mind u i am also getitng a new pc case antec 900 2 a new psu cause my other one is about to die and getitng a thermalight ultra 120 extreme cooler as well(maybe i wil do a o.c to liek 3.0 or something not shure yet its very hot where i am)

i have to take it to the shop to get a new psu and case either way i want to no either to get the new cpu or a new video card when i go. i cant afford both

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  1. Tough one. I'd go with the 5770. It's the cheaper upgrade, and your Q6600 probably has some more life left in it when you add a good case and heatsink like you've mentioned.
  2. If it is mainly for gaming, go wiht the GPU upgrade. A Q6600 wont have a problem handleing it at all.

    I upgraded my 2900 to a 4870 and its a world of difference even with my Q6600.
  3. Aye, go for the 5770.
    Im running a Q6600 at stock just now (used to be 3.6ghz) and have 2 5850's.
    runs anything i can throw at it perfectly at max settings.
  4. I'd also say the GPU. I'm not sure how much FPS improvement you'd see with the CPU upgrade, but I think you would see some improvement with GPU upgrade. It's be nice if you could overclock it, especially as the Q6600 is a great chip for that*, but if it's too hot, I still think it would do well with the 5770.

    *Generally. Obviously each chip is different. PC Format in the UK had one that wouldn't overclock at all.
  5. it not that its just to hot its that i am a complete and utter noob at overclocking i have no idea what im doing and would probably blow my computer up and i dont like the fact that overclockign reduces life time warranty cause i like to keep my comps for a while. plus tits to hot. lol i doubt i wil ever overclock . anyway

    new developments i have struck a deal at the place where i buy my stuff

    Option A

    -650W Corsair TX-650 ATX Power Supply
    - antec 900 two
    -msi hd 5770 1 gig
    -thermalight ultra-120 extreme

    all of that to go with my current q6600 at stock 2.4ghz and my current hdds

    all of that is gonna cost me 0$ free not one cent spent on it

    Option B

    -core i5 750 2.66ghZ
    -GIGABYTE GA-P55-UD3 P55 mobo
    -650W Corsair TX-650 ATX Power Supply
    -KINGSTON KVR1333D3N9K2/4G 4GB KIT 1333MHz(PC3-10600) DDR3
    -Antec Nine Hundred Two

    all of this will run with my current card 4850 512 and no cpu cooler

    and all of this will cost me 189$

    now out of those options A and B which one do u think i should go for i want to egt it done tommorow. as that is the deadline for me to be able to get option a for 04 and option b for 189

    thx allot

    they both will mainly used for gameing
  6. Either is good. I daren't ask what you're doing to earn these free goodies! If it were me, I would probably go for option 2, and save for a new graphics card. A 4850 is going to hold that chip back quite a bit. If you're not happy with spending the extra, then option 1 is also good. Especially for free. I trust you're not turning tricks for all this? ;)

    As for overclocking, find yourself a decent guide for overclocking either Core 2 or i5 chips (depending on which you get, obviously) and give it a go. Increase things by small increments. Manufacturers recognise now that the ability to overclock is quite a big selling point, so it's pretty safe. If you do mess it up, your board should reset quite safely. I'm sure anyone here would be more than willing to answer any questions you might have.
  7. i known the guy up where i buy my stuff for a while so i am doing something for him computer related thats all lol im not a dam prostitute,i ma on a tight budget atm cause i dont work through chrsitmas and i blew all my cash on a car lol

    so what u r saying Deete is i should go for the core i5 option right> 189 and save up for however long them eventualy upgrade the graphix card? would be more worth while than the first option? i mean how would the 4850 512 run on a core i5 and that mobo and will my current hdds compatable with that mobo they r in my current mobo p35 ds3p and that has sata II
  8. Personally, yes, I'd get the i5 and save for a new card. That way, you're not tied to a chipset that's on the way out. The 4850 will run fine, but will hold the chip back a bit.
  9. Get a 5850 or stick with what You have.
  10. +1 i5 then save for a new card. You won't have to rebuild your computer all over again that way too. =-P

    Or, if you can get a decent OC out of your Q6600 I'd spend it all on GPU/case/PSU. A Q6600 OCed past 3.0ghz is a very capable gaming CPU.
  11. ok i went for the i5 deal , well be doing it some time next week, im jsut gonna get the 4 fans hat come with it no point in adding the extra 2 , would i be able to overclock lets say to 3.0ghz 3.2ghz with no cpu cooler using the HSF stock cooler with the antec 900 two case and a 650 watt psu?
  12. I can see you getting to 3.4/3.6ghz depending on if you needed to put in any/much voltage. Get an aftermarket one when you can though. You can get a lot of power out of those little i5s. Also less heat on the CPU means less heat on your other components. :)
  13. ok i got fore i5 all is good accept for the front bottem fan it is REALLY REALLY LOUD liek it is running on high but all the fans r set to medium on the switches there is 2 siwtches one for the back exhaust and the other switch for the top 200m and the two front 120mm , now i set the second switch which controls the 3 fans top and the two at front to medium and still the bottom fan sounds like it ha sbeen running on hifh for liek 4 years tbh it sounds liek a cpu stock fan that is covered in dust from a pentium 4 with its cpu usage at 100 and i have no idea what i can do any ideas?r the 2 front fans suposed to blow arin in out out cause if i stick a picture in front of the case in front of the bottom fan it gets stuck to it for the other 2 fans the one above it and the exhuast if i stick apicture on it it falls of weird?

    also on the o.c part my cpu is idleing at 37-38 degrees i dont think ocing on a stock fan is a good idea i might go for the artic freezer one the latest 1 rev 2 or w/e it is called since it is cheap and the only one they have for my mobo in stock atm
  14. ok since the people who built this case r morons and put the dam switch for the front 2 fans at the back of the cages i had to remove them to find it and put them on low and nomore noise thank god.

    anyway the next step is i want to get maybe 1-2 more 120mm fans to put in on either the side panel or where the hddas are and put in a artic freeze 7 pro rev.2
    then i think i wil be ablse to overclock , but i dont really no how to overclock a core i5 is there any good overclocking guides out now for the core i5, and second how do i unlock all the options in my bios atm everything is not unlocked its a p55-ud3 gigabyte board and ill need al those options if i want to overclock it .
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