Computer suddenly won't recognize two hard drives?


In need of some help. this morning my power supply went on the flicker and I at to remove it to be replaced by a different spare PSU I had. Thankfully it seems to have worked. Connected everything up including the sata cables but upon boot up the computer won't recognize two of the four HDD's I'm running.

I have a main OS SSD for Windows, two raid 0 drives for content and so forth, and a final drive for even more space but the bios is only recognizing the Raid 0 drives. I know these two other drives work as I've been using them for a year or more. So why would it suddenly not know of them? Checked cables and have looked up other threads on the web concerning this issue without much luck. Baffled! Everything should be fine, the SSD is the real issue as it contains the OS. But I don't get why it simply won't recognize the other two of the four drives.

Anyone had a similar issue?

Much appreciated.
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  1. The power surge may have messed with the bios. Go into the bios and make sure all settings are correct, then save the settings and reboot.
  2. Well the power supply failure as caused me absolute hell. Had problems with it all day, first of all the two Samsung drives I use in Raid 0 configuration seem very temperamental as they both seem to connect to the BIOS fine but other times don't appear at all. They won't even longer show up in Windows which crashes to the blue screen upon start up. It's an absolute mess since the PSU went.

    Tired after spending the day trying to figure it out. Don't see why it shouldn't work like it did, or how to get it back to normal. Hopefully someone can provide me with some hope with some help and advice.

    Much appreciated.
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