WD My Book Essential Edition 3.0 2TB vs WD Elements Desktop 2.0 2TB

Hey I'm comparing these external HDD's and I'd like some advice about which item has the least heavy cons? I'm going to use it for archiving mainly. Price doesnt matter if it differs 30$ for me. Also I dont care if it got usb 3 or 2, only going to use the latter.

Essential Edition
it sometimes makes up it owns passwords (so you got to wipe everything to use it again)
slow writing speed ( i dont care much about that)

Elements Desktop
no power button, but got a sleeping mode
has a short lifespan? (not good for archiving)
no option to set password by default ( not that good with encrypting programs, also dont got win 7 with true crypt so its easier to get one with the software to teh HDD.)

Which one am i most likely going to buy?
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  1. The Elements Desktop is cheap, there might be rumors that they dont last so long. Is this true?

    Need to buy one today so quick response please!
  2. And I'm off to the shops, no responses are needed. Thanks!
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