Amd x4 840

do you think i will be able to overclock my x4 840 to 4GHz with the COOLER MASTER Hyper TX3 and stock thermal paste and keep my temps reasonable.i also want to know how high should my idle/load cpu temp be after overclocking and my nb temp.
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    IF you can get it to 4ghz, it might be ok. Personally if you don't already have the TX3, I'd get the Hyper 212+, it a better cooler.

    Just don't expect to get 4ghz out of the 840. Mine's only good to 3.7Ghz.
  2. The TX3 is a good cooler but not that good, the 4GHz depends mostly of your components and not of the cooler.

    You need start in little steps and see your temps under load, if those goes above 55ºC i'd stop there. 1.55V max on CPU and also depends of temps.
  3. Yeah, what saint says.

    I can't tell you my temps when I was @ 3.7 because either my motherboard or CPU are reporting temps that are lower than possible at most times, like right now they are showing they are below room temp.

    I'll actually find out Friday or Saturday which one is screwing up, my new cpu/mobo should be here tomorrow and once they are installed, I'm moving this 840 to my dad's computer, if it reports low temps in his, I'll know it's the CPU, if not, it was the mobo.
  4. thanks for the help , mine already goes 52c under load with a stock cooler .
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  6. Yeah that stock cooler is worthless..... even for running stock. The one that comes with the Black Editions is better but not by alot.
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