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I just recently built a new computer, an I5 750, P55 gigabyte motherboard with 4 gig of DDR3 ram and ATI 5770 GPU. Is worth upgrading to 8 gigs? I run Windows 7 Professional. Will I notice any increase in speeed if I move up to 8 gigs? I currently use my computer to play games and encode movies for my ipod. Thanks.


BTW I have this memory:
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  1. probably not, 4GB is plenty for a while, i wouldn't worry about it
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    You generally won't get any increase in gaming, especially with 32-bit games. If you are simultaneously using multiple apps that require alot of memory then you would notice some improvement as the OS would be using the page file less.
  3. When you are using alot of pc power try ctrl+alt+del and check how much RAM you are using, if its 3.9GB or 4GB then yea you could go for 8, i doubt its that high though.
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