Best White LCD 19" Monitor

White LCDs are rare, so I was wondering, wich one is the best? Im looking for a 19" Any help is apreciated. Thanks.
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  1. wow, what a rip off...white LCDs are 3x the price of black LCDs

    Can't you get a black one and spray paint it white?
  2. Funny i painted my old white crt with a black edge. I find that the black sharpens the picture
  3. I hope you don't plan to play any games on those, that 16ms response time will smack them around.
  4. I plan actually...

    I found those ones:

    They have 5ms response time and 800:1 contrast. The first one has 20000:1 ACR, dunno whats that

    Im not familiar with LCDs, Im used to CRTs. Is 5ms acceptable for gaming? Is 800:1 a good contrast ratio for working with pictures?
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    Native resolution 1280 x 1024 is a bit small these days but it also depends on your graphic card
    does the 17" have touchscreen capabilities
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