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I know that there've been many threads posted on this matter, but I want to cut the debate, I know the pro's and the con's of using compressed air. I want to hear opinions about specific compressors which work well for this purpose.

I've heard of one called the NuAir Boxy, it's 1.5hp, if anyone has used that for this purpose I'd be interested to know what you think. If not, I'd like to hear of other opinions on similar compressor's which are small, and have either a small or no tank.

I am basically just using this for cleaning out computers and would like it to be small enough to easily keep in my room, and carry with me when I'm visiting a client on-site.
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  1. I don't know about the NuAir, and haven't currently got a compressor, but you will want an oil-free one, and I think a small would be ideal, although no tank would still be ok.
    Looks like the Michelin MCX6 would be a pretty good choice, but I'm no expert.
  2. Thanks for the input, I'd been hopping around the forums without any real starting point until someone mentioned the Nu-Air. The Michelin looks to be about the same size, so now I have a couple of options to investigate.

    Thanks again, and if anyone else has thoughts or has one that they've used before I'd appreciate more input.
  3. Another thought I had on this matter, please weigh in on it, is a compressor mean for airbrushing. Am I correct in thinking that these are designed to be oil free as well as providing filtered air?
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Ideally I'd want something smaller but in the event that I don't find something suitable are the compressors that either of you have filtered? Are they oil free? I know that there are always certain risks to using compressed air, I just want to make sure I keep it to a minimum.
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    Yes, ones for spray-painting/airbrushing would normally have to be oil-free else it could mess up the paint.
  6. Thanks devastator, I guess that was my biggest question. I think I'll go with an airbrush compressor since it'll probably be around the size I'm looking for as well. Thanks for everyone who took an interest in this thread
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