SMPS CPU 4+4 pin connecter problem

I have bought this psu: [...] 6817171039

I am having a problem in plugging one of the 4+4 pin CPU connecters.
I think it goes inside fine but the clip doesnt fit. The clip in the 4pin connecter of my older PSU was fine
Here is the link for the pic
Older PSU:
New PSU:
Look at the clips. The older one's clip is in the middle and the newer one's clips r on the extreme sides.
Also give me some tips as how to connect the connectors :lol: . Cuz i am doing it for the 1st time.

My pc specs are :
E5200 @ 3.00GHz(overclocked from 2.5GHz)
2GB 667MHz Ram (Single Slot)
1 DVD RW Drive
AsRock 945GCMS (MOBO)
XFX GeForce GTS 250 (1 GB)

Thnx a lot.
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  1. Your link to the psu isn't coming up. I'm getting a Yahoo shopping page instead. Just post the make and model of the new power supply.
  2. Intel don't have a 945GCMS listed on their site. If it's an ASR mobo, then it only has a 4-pin CPU connector and you can't connect the second one. Try using the one at the left of the picture.
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    In the photo of the new power supply 4 pin connectors, the connector on the left is a universal fit configuration. It will fit in any 4 pin connection on an atx motherboard. I know Corsair uses it. The connector on the right is not a universal fit; however, it will fit one side of an 8 pin connection on a motherboard. You just have to look at the shape of each individual pin (round vs square) and match it up to the left or right side of an 8 pin connection on your motherboard.
  4. the link to the smps is
    It is COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RS600-PCARE3-US 600W ATX12V V2.3 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply

    Yes it is and AsRock. Sorry i edited the error.
    The link to the mobo is:

    Thnx i will try the suggestions if they work or not. More suggestions and tips r welcome.
  5. I turned the 4-pin connector left and it went in and was connected. Is there any problem in turning the connector.
    And i plugged the 20+4 pin connector and tried to start the computer after plugging the PSU to power socket. I switched on the PSU and made sure that it was set to 230V. Then i turned on the computer and nothing happened. I plugged the old PSU back and started the computer again.
    And is it necessary to connect all the connectors b4 starting the computer. I mean at least the BIOS must appear after connecting CPU and Mobo power connecters.
    Any help will be appreciated
  6. Man i just connected the 4 pin CPU cable as it should be. This time i applied a lot of strength and miraculously one of the two(the one u all advised) went in with a click sound and plugged. All others connectors went in fine. Thank you all a lot
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