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Hi. I have a Pavillion a1619.uk and everytime I turn it on, the fan runs and the DVD drive read light comes on, but nothing comes on the screen and the HDD access light will not light up. The computer has not been modified in any way except from the fact I took out the graphics card. It worked fine without one. Here is a link to a PDF containing info on it:
Any thoughts?
P.S. After this occured i ended up taking out one of the RAM cards leaving 512mb.
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  1. Exactly what happened to mine, changed HD worked for a week then packed in again
  2. i have found the solution, i took out the processor, checked it was aligned properly and re-installed it. its perfect!
  3. more like the processor over heated and you removed it from the socket and its reset it self, clean out the heat sink and removal all dirt.
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