Best graphics card for E2140 (Dual Core @ 1.60Ghz)

I have a really old system with an E2140 (Intel Dual Core @ 1.60Ghz). 1Gig of ram.. using integrated graphics (mirage 3)

I want to get the best graphics card my system can handle without the CPU creating a bottleneck and restricting the graphics card..

i would like to get a HD4850 but suspect my system will hinder its performance..

I'd mainly like to play online shooters like Battlefield Heroes, Combat Arms, Left4Dead, etc. I'm pretty much on the lowest detail settings they will go at the moment.

anyone have any idea how i can calculate this... or what graphics card i should go with?
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    4670 would be good for you.
  2. Indeed it would.
  3. Yeh, at that speed, a 4670 is your best option. If you OC it to around 2.4GHz, then you can get a 4830 which would be a big improvement for both CPU and GPU.
  4. thanks all.. very helpful... and i forgot to mention i have a crap psu but the 4670 addesses this as well...

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