Asus maximus formula-sudden shutoffs

hey folks,

my PC started to suddenly turn off (not restart. just shut down) last week, and every time I use my RAM a little more than sub-normal, it shuts down, which it didn't do before.
My config is as follows:
asus maximus formula
intel core 2 quad Q6600
4 x kingston ddr2 1 GB (PC2-6400) Ram
NVidia Geforce 8800 GT
antec case with fan speeds set to medium (I tried to raise them to high, but PC continued to shut off even with high fan speed)

when I changed the fan speed, I saw that a one of the LTD lights in the mobo is orange/yellow instead of green - the the mobo makes "rasping" sounds, mostly when booting and opening "heavy" programs, and parallel to that, the LED in the picture lights orange, blinks, or gets on/off, according to the "rasping" sound.

could this be related to the shutting off of my PC?? or else, what could be the problem and how could I resolve it??

is there any software which could check my pc, find and point out the problem??

many thanks in advance!!

Picture showing where the LED shines in orange/yellow:
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  1. The problem you are describing is commonly related to RAM, CPU (heat), or PSU. RAM is suggested because when there is a conflict with it, the result is often a BSOD.

    On the other hand, when the CPU overheats it will shut down to prevent damage to the CPU and/or motherboard.

    The PSU may be the problem if it isn't supplying enough power due to internal failure.

    To test your RAM, use MemTest86+. You can download it from . Also make sure you are using the RAM manufacturer's specs (voltage, timing, latency)

    Check your CPU and/or heatsink. Sometimes the heatsink isn't properly installed and the thermal paste dries up.
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