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I have recently recovered all my partitions on my 1 TB sata disk in xp sp3 using Active@ Partition Recovery. My only question is that If I reinstall my os which is on another 80 GB ide drive, will all the partition information be lost if I reinstall xp, say sp2?

PFA snapshot of my recovered partitions...

Mohammed Furqan Shaikh
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  1. Nothing will be lost if you don't touch the other drive.
  2. No, Actually I will disconnect for sure but the thing in my mind is will xp read the part table as it is showing now because its a 1 TB disk and its showing 2 TB if u see in the snapshot which is completely incorrect. So that is why I am asking, will XP read the table as it is reading now?

    Please see below...

  3. Why do you have all those partitions on the drives? That's a horrible way of organizing stuff. Just divide it in folders.

    I'd backup your files, wipe the drive and start clean with a new partition and format.

    If it's a 1tb disk, whatever recovery you did was not fully successful.

    Once the drive is back to working order, Windows will see the drive as it should no matter how many times you re-install it.
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