GTX295 vs 3 9800 GTX + Black Editions

790i ftw EVGA
Q9550 quad core running 3.6 Ghz
3x 9800 GTX +black editions XFX
Ultra x3 1000 watt psu
chilltech cpu cooler from ultra
antec 1200
velociraptor 150GB 10.000 Rpm
4GB corsair xms3 1600 MHz dddr3
Razor Death adder mouse
Razor Tarantula keyboard
Logitech Z-5300
Samsung 24 monitor (wall mounted)
Super write DVD burner all in one

I want to sell my 3 9800 GTX for one GTX 295 is this going to be a good move am i going to lose or gain performance on my gaming rig
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  1. it would be an upgrade, but not too much of an upgrade...better wait till dx 11 games start to appears and than buy dx 11 card
  2. ill be on the stepup program i can upgrade when that happens thans alot john for your feed back :-)
  3. anyone out there pleasse help with this
  4. get 2 gtx 285's /275 instead or 3 gtx 260's
  5. obsidian86 said:
    get 2 gtx 285's /275 instead or 3 gtx 260's

    no what am asking is a gtx 295 better than 3 9800gtx cards
  6. and can i use a 9800 gtx +as a physx card with a 295
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